Issue 2: June 2024
Clinically Speaking, There is a Difference in PBMs

Dose Optimization

  • 300+ medications targeted to ensure lower pill burden/pill count and minimize waste (drug and financial)

Best-in-Class Member Care Advocacy Program

  • 3% to 5% of a member population has markedly higher healthcare complexity and needs much greater care and attention. These members are getting lost in the mix.
  • Our Member Care Advocacy team proactively reaches out to members before common issues arise – coordinating with their doctor’s office and pharmacy as needed to ensure each member feels taken care of.

EmpiRx Health’s Broad National Pharmacy Network

  • Our pharmacy network includes ~65,000 pharmacies nationwide — the same span as CVS.
In Case You Missed It:

EmpiRx Health Turns 10!

EmpiRx Health marked an important milestone this year, celebrating its 10-year anniversary on June 26th. To celebrate this momentous occasion, our teams in Montvale, NJ and Orlando, FL had a fun day full of food, games, and prizes. Thanks to our amazing team, clients, and partners for an exciting decade of making a difference in clinically-driven pharmacy care. Here’s looking forward to many more years of making a positive difference in people’s lives.

Why Overcoming the Flaws Spreadsheet is so Important for Clients and Their Benefits Consultants

A spreadsheet alone falls short when it comes to determining which PBM will bring plan sponsors both significant savings and improved member health. In an insightful new blog post, Robert Finch, EmpiRx Health’s senior vice president of underwriting, discusses why it’s problematic that benefits consultants/advisors rely so heavily on spreadsheets to evaluate PBMs for their clients. Rob outlines a better, more complete way to evaluate and analyze data to determine which PBM would be the right fit for plan sponsors. Interested in learning more? Read the blog here.

Featured Client Case Studies

Population Health Management Engine Identified: 32-year-old male with Cystic Fibrosis.

Original Rx: Trikafta tablets, 3 tablets daily

EmpiRx Health’s Clinical Pharmacists identified another medication prescribed could increase blood concentration of Trikafta, leading to harmful side effects. They then assessed the patient’s condition to determine a safe and appropriate dosage and engaged the prescribing physician to recommend that the patient receive a reduced Trikafta dose.

New Therapy: Trikafta tablets, 2 tablets twice weekly

$155,231 Annual Plan Savings achieved.

Population Health Management Engine Identified: 61-year-old patient with IGF Vasculitis.

Original Rx: Mycophenolate 500mg tablets. Take 1 tablet four times daily & Humira Pen 40mg/0.4ml. Inject 0.4ml every other week.

EmpiRx Health’s AI-powered software identified that this medication was not FDA approved for the condition and identified that the patient was taking Humira for rheumatoid arthritis, which carries a potential warning of IGF Vasculitis.

Our Clinical Pharmacist engaged with the prescribing physicians. They agreed to discontinue Humira. The patient utilized over-the-counter medications to manage the rheumatoid arthritis. Potentially serious adverse reactions were prevented, and wasteful spending was eliminated, while improving the patient’s health.

New Therapy: No treatment needed

$49,436 Annual Plan Savings achieved

Putting You First: Video Series

“We go above and beyond for our members. Members have a designated representative. They know who they’re calling, they know who’s picking up, they know who’s there to help them. I will drop everything to help my clients.” – Amanda Martin on EmpiRx Health’s unique PBM model, and putting members’ needs first.

Watch the full video here.
SHRM 2024

Bob Sankey, Healthcare Plan and Benefits Coordinator, Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown, PA on EmpiRx Health’s clinically-driven approach, powered by Clinically:

“When we started our engagement with EmpiRx Health, we found that the collaboration between EmpiRx Health’s clinical pharmacists and our members has been the leading driver of our success to date.

The system we use with EmpiRx Health is pharmacist-driven, which effectively takes the barriers out of member care. It’s the right care at the right time. EmpiRx Health’s clinically-driven care model is much better than the traditional PBM approach that emphasizes rebates and drug volume rather than healthcare value.”

Client Spotlight

Silvana Stankus, Executive Director for the New England Health Care Employees Welfare Fund 1199NE, on the new Clinically™ pharmacy care technology platform:

“I’ve been in the health business for many years and have seen the direct impact of managing patient health from a multi-benefit, holistic view. As such, I see an incredible amount of potential in embracing a clinically-driven PBM model vs the traditional volume-driven model.

I believe clinically-based pharmacy care platforms play a key role in advancing this holistic approach to patient care.”

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