Clinically Speaking: Inaugural Issue!

Issue 1: May 2024
Clinically Speaking, There is a Difference in PBMs
  • As the leading clinically-driven pharmacy care company, EmpiRx Health puts the pharmacist at the center of our PBM service model. This unique approach drives our evidence-based, clinically-appropriate therapy recommendations that ensure the health and wellbeing of members while helping our clients to substantially reduce costs.
  • Does your PBM have a state-of-the-art population health engine that powers clinically-driven pharmacy care decisions? EmpiRx Health’s proprietary population health engine helps to optimize patient health and wellbeing while substantially reducing drug costs.
  • EmpiRx Health’s industry-leading biosimilars substitution/utilization rate – 15% vs ~2% with other PBM models.​​​​​​ 19% are LOW list price biosimilars.
In Case You Missed It:

This month EmpiRx Health proudly announced the launch of Clinically™, our breakthrough pharmacy care platform! As the first clinically-driven PBM technology platform, Clinically puts clients and members first by enabling effective pharmacist/physician collaboration and driving transparency, pricing clarity, flexibility, and innovation. Click here for more information!

EmpiRx Health's CEO, Danny Sanchez, Featured in an Interview by Drug Store News

EmpiRx Health’s CEO, Danny Sanchez, is featured in an interview by Drug Store News, a leading trade publication covering the retail pharmacy industry. In the video interview, Danny shares his thoughts on the future of PBMs and why a clinically-driven pharmacy care model is the best choice for plan sponsors looking to ensure the health and wellbeing of their members while substantially reducing prescription drug costs. A huge thank you to Drug Store News and John Kenlon for featuring us in such a fantastic interview! Watch now!

May's Featured Case Studies

Population Health Management Engine Identified: 60-year-old female with Osteoporosis. 

Original Rx: Forteo 20mcg daily injection

Clinical Pharmacist reviewed the request for Forteo injection and suggested a first line oral medication, due to the patient’s fear of needles and Forteo requiring daily injections.

New Therapy: Alendronate 70mg tablet by mouth taken once weekly

$41,608 Annual Plan Savings achieved.

Population Health Management Engine Identified: 63-year-old male with Lung adenocarcinoma

Original Rx: Tagrisso 40mg twice a day

After detailed review of clinical chart notes, our Clinical pharmacist identified that the prescribed dosage could exacerbate the patient’s existing cardiomyopathy, which could be life-threatening.

New Therapy: Tagrisso 40 mg once a day

$15,695 Annual Plan Savings achieved.

Putting You First: Video Series

“MCAs are at the center of communicating with members and providers, and pharmacies. We’re not just reaching out to members when there’s an issue. We’re proactively checking in monthly. We’re calling to introduce ourselves.” – Aqueelah Charles on EmpiRx Health’s unique MCA program, and putting members’ needs first.

Watch the full video here.
Client Spotlight

Bob Sankey, Healthcare Plan and Benefits Coordinator, Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown, PA on EmpiRx Health’s clinically-driven approach, powered by Clinically:

“When we started our engagement with EmpiRx Health, we found that the collaboration between EmpiRx Health’s clinical pharmacists and our members has been the leading driver of our success to date.

The system we use with EmpiRx Health is pharmacist-driven, which effectively takes the barriers out of member care. It’s the right care at the right time. EmpiRx Health’s clinically-driven care model is much better than the traditional PBM approach that emphasizes rebates and drug volume rather than healthcare value.”

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