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Clinically™ helps improve patient health and well-being while delivering substantial cost savings to plan sponsors – GUARANTEED!

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The Clinically Pharmacy Care Platform

PBM of the future

The Al-powered Clinically platform enables EmpiRx Health to drive even more pricing transparency and clarity, flexibility, and product innovation. Clinically exemplifies how EmpiRx Health is an essential ‘ally’ in helping plan sponsors to holistically care for their members to optimize healthcare outcomes, and strengthen benefits plan results, including guaranteed clinical savings.

Here's how Clinically works for you

Powerful Technologies, Guaranteed Savings

Claims Adjudication Platform

EmpiRx Health integrated a proven, cloud-based adjudication platform into Clinically. Enabling real-time pharmacy claims adjudication, this platform also features network and plan management support, and customized workflows for pharmacists.

End-to-End Clinically Review Process Software

Also integrated into the Clinically platform, this cutting-edge software allows EmpiRx Health’s pharmacists to conduct clinical reviews, driving clinically-appropriate drug therapy decisions, which optimize both patient health outcomes and reduce drug costs.

Population Health Engine

Based on Johns Hopkins ACG model and built using cloud-based, AI-powered software, this engine provides risk stratification and predictive modeling. This enables EmpiRx Health pharmacists to make the best clinical decisions, especially for patients who require a higher level of complex care.

“I’ve been in the health business for many years and have seen the direct impact of managing patient health from a multi-benefit, holistic view As such, I see an incredible amount of potential in embracing a clinically-driven PBM model vs the traditional volume-driven model. I believe clinically-based pharmacy care platforms play a key role in advancing this holistic approach to patient care.”


“When we started our engagement with EmpiRx Health, we found that the collaboration between EmpiRx Health’s clinical pharmacists and our members has been the leading driver of our success to date. The system we use with EmpiRx Health is pharmacist-driven, which effectively takes the barriers out of member care. It’s the right care at the right time. EmpiRx Health’s clinically-driven care model is much better than the traditional PBM approach that emphasizes rebates and drug volume rather than healthcare value.”

Bob Sankey, Healthcare Plan and Benefits Coordinator Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown, PA on EmpiRx Health’s clinically-driven approach, powered by Clinically

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